Mycron Steel constantly improves its operations and strives to meet customer's expectations. In 1996, Mycron Steel achieved its ISO 9001 certification by SIRIM and IQNet. Since it was established, the effectiveness of the Quality Management System has been continually refined and adapt to global challenges.

- In 2002 : ISO 9001 : 2000 certification in Quality Management System
- In 2008 : ISO 9001 : 2008 certification in Quality Management System
- In 2016 : ISO 9001 : 2015 certification in Quality Management System

Mycron Steel believes it has an important role to ensure continual improvement of environmental performance in all its business operations. On 30th June 2014, Mycron Steel reached another milestone in its green environmental pathway by obtaining the ISO 14001 : 2004 Environmental Management System certification. This certification is to provide assurance that its operations not only meet the legal obligations, but also its environmental impacts are being measured. Mycron Steel sets an annual environmental improvement targets and objectives and the KPIs are regularly reviewed are publicised throughout the organisation. All the staff are committed to improve resource efficiency, promoting 3R (Reuse, Reduce & Recycle) and where possible, to work with suppliers and customers to make our factory a green and safe workplace.

In Sept 2016, Mycron Steel demonstrates a due diligence to ensure its products meeting the relevant criteria for quality. We have obtained our product certification by SIRIM in recognition of our product quality compliance against the Malaysian Standard (MS 2651 : 2015) and Japanese Industrial standards (JIS G3141 : 2011). Mycron Steel's products are verified, tested and confirmed in meeting the parameters covered by the two mentioned Quality Standards. This certification is beneficial not only to Mycron Steel but also the industry as a whole, and its customers, as it increases customers' confidence level in our product quality and consistency.

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